Saying Goodbye to 2017

December 31, 2017 in Life

2017 year of memoriesAs I sit here, reminiscing on what a big year 2017 was, I can’t help but wonder what big things await in 2018!

This blog post may be a bit all over the place, so just a heads up. Also, I may be a bit more transparent that I’m comfortable with but, let’s just go with it.

I don’t know about y’all, but the year 2017 seems like it went by way too fast. I mean, I feel as if though the year had just begun and now we are here, the last day of 2017. Honestly it just hit me this second. Tonight is New Years Eve and originally we had planned to go out and hit the strip since this it the perfect occasion to just go down to the strip.

However, we had just gotten back from California on Friday afternoon and I got my period. Not to mention, I don’t know if I feel okay to go to to the strip for such a big event just yet so soon after the tragedy that occurred a few month back. Luckily both my fiancé and I were on the same page to just stay in, eat some yummy food and have wine. He kept on asking me if I wanted take-out for the occasion… I kept telling him to ask me later, not realizing that the day has come for us to celebrate the ending of 2017 and the beginning of the new year, 2018. Yikes! I better think quick and help arrange what our dinner plans are.

Moved To A Different State

Ok! So like I was saying, this year has been a good one! I remember when it was the beginning of the year and I came down to Las Vegas with the fiancé and looked at various apartments. We are picky people and know what we like, so needless to say it was a long couple of days. Thankfully we found a place we both fell in love with and that was that. We had a move in date and when we headed back home we were excited yet sad because we were actually moving far from our families. I want to get into more details about why we moved and how we moved, so I will do just that, but in future posts! So keep an eye out!

Worked On The Blog

When we moved here, I decided to put more effort into my blogging. Even though I was working, I found the time to go out and take photos and blog. Blogging isn’t easy but it feels so rewarding when you see the final product and when you see that people enjoy reading your posts! I give all photo credits to my fiancé for being patient and taking time out of his day to go take photos of me for the blog. He’s the real MVP!

Living in Las Vegas has been amazing! My blogging life was taken to the next level when I had opportunities left and right and brands wanted to work with me. I was able to meet so many driven women of all ages! I was really taken out of my comfort zone seeing as though I get nervous meeting new people. But Luckily everyone I met was so warm and inviting that I felt right at home here in Vegas.

Went Back To School

This year I also made the decision to go back to school. An idea that I had played around with for awhile, even when I lived in Santa Cruz. You can read a little more about that here. I took the steps necessary and applied for a program over here in Vegas and was ecstatic when I received news that I was accepted. Let me tell you guys, it wasn’t easy. I cried a few times during the process. I really, really wanted this. Now I’m in the process of continuing my program and applying to my dream job.

Also, this year I turned 30! Another huge year in a woman’s life! I wrote an entire post dedicated to turning 30 years old. This is why I’m still in shock as to it being the last day of 2017. Time literally went by super fast!

We Had To Postpone…

Since it was a crazy time with the move and all, the fiancé and I decided to postpone our wedding. There was too much going on for us to really sit down and focus on our wedding. At first I was saddened by this because I had 2 or 3 year subscriptions to bridal magazines and I had already bought my wedding planner from The Knot… It just wasn’t good timing.

Although I was sad and upset that we had to postpone, I looked at the bright side of the situation. More time to get settled in our own place so that we don’t worry about that after the wedding. Lots of time to get ideas of what I do and don’t want for my wedding. Time to save up money and just overall time to enjoy our engagement!

We Have A Plan!

But, we have a plan! We have a timeline that only my family knows about. So far everything has been going according to our timeline. I plan on revealing more to you guys in the upcoming months on what our plan consists of. So don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so that you get notifications on when I post!

So pretty much, this was a huge year of change for us! We moved away from our families to a different state where we really don’t know anyone. Or should I say we “didn’t” know anyone. Luckily we have gotten to know so many people here and I can’t wait to meet more.

As for the new year, 2018, I only foresee that it will be a huge year for us! If all goes according to our timeline, we will be very happy and continue to reach for our dreams!

Hope you all have a safe and fun New Years Eve! Let me know what your plans are and how 2017 was for you?

XO Rosey

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  • Reply Annie Cho January 8, 2018 at 8:07 am

    Totally agree 2017 flew by! I think it’s great that you’ll have more time to plan your wedding and make it even better with the extra time!

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