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October 11, 2017 in Life

Blog Anniversary Fall Girl in red plaid black leggings

Happy October y’all! I wish I could be more excited about this time of year, but I’ve been incredibly busy and trying to balance my time between school, homework, my field experience, gym time, house chores and time with my two loves my fiancé and my fur baby! You can see why I’ve been a bit M.I.A. on social media and my blog…. Oh how I’ve missed blogging for you all.

Even with my busy schedule I’ve managed to buy a few fall décor items to make me feel the fall vibe! I actually made a video where I showcase my fall item decors and how I decorated my bookcase. All I know is that yes, I may be busy this month but next month I will have much more time to do the things I really love, and yes blogging is definitely on the list! Whoo hoo!

By the way guys, I’ve been trying to update y’all on my life with vlog videos and instagram stories here and there. So make sure you are following me on those platforms! That way you don’t miss a thing!

I’m sure you have already guessed what this blog post is about… I have officially been blogging for a YEAR!! Today is MY BLOG ANNIVERSARY!! I wanted to talk to you all about my experience blogging during my first year and what I have learned. So grab some coffee and enjoy this personal blog post by yours truly : )

One Year Blogging

Blog Anniversary Fall Girl in red plaid black leggings

So, if you have been keeping up with my blog posts since last year, you are amazing! You are the reason I keep making blog posts and stay motivated! On my first ever blog post for I talked about how I had a previous blog that I would randomly post on, however I had no real idea of where that blog was going. I thought of it as more of a personal diary, which is not bad at all because that’s what I want this blog to somewhat encompass. I want to share my story and my lessons in life where my readers can read and feel inspired and grow within their own lives. I personally have some people on the internet that I look up to, other than my mom of course. And I find personal type of blogs very helpful.

What Blogging Has Taught Me

Blog Anniversary Fall Girl in red plaid black leggings


p style=”text-align: center;”>One thing I learned from the beginning stages of my blog was that blogging wasn’t easy. Yes, I said it, blogging is not easy, but if you are passionate like myself than you love every bit of the process.
I knew from the beginning that I wanted my blog to match my personality and with that I knew that I would need to take time to create each post. From a blog idea down, to taking my own photos and finally publishing comes a lot of time and hard work. I learned that my blog along with my social media platforms are my brand. This is what people and businesses see, therefore, producing good quality content is key.

Blog Anniversary Fall Girl in red plaid black leggings

I learned that I have to have fun with my blog and not be afraid to be transparent. I have gotten personal on a few blog posts even though I was nervous before hitting that publish button. I questioned if I was making the right choice to post such a personal blog. I soon realized that my blog is a snippet of my life, it’s not my entire story.

I discovered that I wanted to share big moments in my life with my readers to inspire them. In addition, I want these memories to remain with me forever.

The Brands

Blog Anniversary Fall Girl in red plaid black leggings

Working with well-known brands has been a blessing. When I first began my blog I had no idea that brands would reach out and want to work with me. I have gotten many opportunities with different types of brands wanting to collaborate with my blog. However, I have been very careful with the brands I have chosen to work with. I only work with brands that I believe in and personally like to use. I have turned down many brands who are not a good fit for me and my blog. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t get any more opportunities but that wasn’t the case. I created this blog because I wanted to share information along with my finds. I would hate to share something I truly didn’t believe in, that is just isn’t me.

What The Future Holds

Blog Anniversary Fall Girl in red plaid black leggings

After looking back at a few of my posts I have realized that many of my ideas have yet to come alive on this blog. I have SO many ahh-mazing ideas of posts that would really help and inspire friends and readers all across the nation and beyond. However, getting my idea started has been one of the most challenging parts of this blogging journey. I have challenge myself to be more transparent on here, however, I am going to challenge myself to really make an effort to bring my ideas to life! I need to do it for myself and for my readers who will benefit from it!

With that being said, thank you all so much for being loyal and supportive readers throughout my blogging journey. I know I have taken breaks here and there, but I’m happy to know that someone, somewhere finds my posts helpful in some way.

And special thanks to my fiancé who is very patient with me and takes all of my photos for this blog : )

Thank you!

XO Rosey






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  • jenny at dapperhouse (@dapperhouse) October 12, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    It sounds like you have learned quite a bit about blogging but also about yourself. It also sounds like you have a lot you want to do. Happy Blog-versarry.

  • Chloe October 12, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    Congratulations!! There are statistics that say that most bloggers give up after the first six months so well done for persisting. It can be a journey filled with ups and downs but it definitely can teach you so much about social media and life!

  • louise2812 October 13, 2017 at 3:25 am

    Congratulations for making it to a year! I have just passed the 6-month mark so not too far behind you. It certainly is a journey of ups and downs and I do have days where I wonder why I’m doing it! But then I’ll have a great day of engagement and it makes you remember why 🙂 I hope you continue to grow – wishing you the best of luck 🙂

  • dawnwairimu October 13, 2017 at 8:32 am

    this is amazing! i’m only in my 2nd month of blogging and i know i have a lot to learn about the process. it’s inspiring to see other bloggers further along.

  • Sondra Barker October 13, 2017 at 11:01 am

    Happy blogaversary! Congrats on your committment. I love your blog!

    Sondra xx

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