My First Trip To Universal Studios

October 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

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Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend, I know I did! This past Friday was my 10th year anniversary! It was also one year since I got engaged (insert ring emogi here). I was really excited when my fiancé surprised me with tickets to Universal Studios and Halloween Horror Nights. I have lived my entire life in California and had yet gone to Universal Studios. It was honestly at the top of my bucket list.

We arrived at 3pm later than anticipated but we arrived. My fiancé got us the day/night tickets, which allowed us to enter the park at 2pm and enjoy regular attractions then at 7pm the Halloween Horror Nights would begin. I recommend this pass if you haven’t yet experienced the parks newest attractions. Since it was my first time at Universal Studios everything was brand new to me. All I wanted to do was experience, Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I must say Harry Potter has to be my fave movie series.

We began our day by attending the Water World show because it was schedule at 4pm and we didn’t want to waste any time since Wizarding World of Harry Potter closed at 6pm. I was amazed at how precise the actors were on the Water World show; they had a small space to drive the jet skis at full speed without any errors.

After the show we headed off to Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I was literally transported to Harry Potter World; I loved every second of it and couldn’t help but smile. To really take in Harry Potter World we got a Butterbeer, a drink mentioned in the Harry Potter movies. It was the perfect drink to keep us cool and tasted like a mix of butterscotch and root beer with a hint of pineapple. It was delicious. Next we experienced Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and let me tell you, if this is how it is to play virtual games or visit dream destinations such as space, sign me up! The ride was really fun and exceeded my expectations.

We had a little bit of time until the park closed for an hour at 6pm. The staff used this hour to set up for Halloween Horror Nights. So we decided to go and experience The Simpsons Ride. It was a virtual roller coaster, not what I was expecting, however, it was fun and the amusing.

Now onto Halloween Horror Nights

For those of you who follow me on twitter or have watched my videos on my YouTube channel know that I love horror movies and that I’m kinda obsessed with Halloween. Halloween Horror Nights by Universal Studios brings both Halloween and horror movies to life! I was really excited for the American Horror Story and the Krampus Maze as well as The Purge, because we had recently watched the latest Purge movie, so it was must. All attractions were fun and equally scary. However, I must say that the opening ceremony for Halloween Horror Nights was the best part of the entire experience. The crowd was literally placed so that a fence kept us in one spot. Then the opening announcement came on, “The Purge was about to begin.” (If you have watched any of The Purge movies you know what I’m talking about). At that point the fence was taken off and all the scary ghouls, goblins, clowns and chainsaw monsters came out and started heading towards us! It felt realistic and everyone scattered for their lives, just kidding. Everyone went off to explore the many mazes and horror attractions that awaited. We ended our night with some froyo from Universal CityWalk.

Halloween Horror Nights was a success. It was very entertaining and I must admit I got a good scare. I was amazed at how many people were at the park for this event! I’m happy I’m not the only one who likes to get scared.

Let me know if you have attended Halloween Horror Nights this year or in the past?

XO Rosey

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