Pumpkin Patch Adventure

October 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

At the pumpkin patch please don't pick up pumpkins from their stems Pumpkins in rows girl picking out pumpkins pumpkins in red wagon one small pumpkin one big pumpkin boo bye pumpkin patchOctober is here and what better way to celebrate than to head over to your local pumpkin patch. Picking out pumpkins has always been one of my favorite things to do for fall. Pumpkin patch adventures are a fall must and this past weekend we did just that.

The vibes that pumpkin patches give off are always so special. I feel like picking out your pumpkins (along with drinking your first cup of PSL) gives you a running start to everything fall. And I absolutely love it!

Our Tiny Adventure

At the pumpkin patch the decorations had a certain aesthetic appeal that brought the fall and Halloween theme to life. (Did I tell you guys that Halloween is my absolute favorite and that I’m kinda obsessed). The scarecrows, goblins and hand painted signs were everything I expected. As I ventured off in between the many rows of pumpkins my fiancé went off to search for his own. We met up a short time later to show each other our pumpkins. After I had displayed my perfect pumpkin, my fiancé showed me his. He was holding a tiny baby pumpkin. Turned out he picked out a pumpkin for Bambi! (Bambi is my fur baby). I was delighted that he thought about Bambi, after all doggies have feelings too and need their own pumpkin for the fall! So we placed both pumpkins on our red wagon and went on our way.

Let me know if you guys have picked out your pumpkins yet. Also let me know if fur babies get their own pumpkin too!

XO Rosey

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