One Year in Las Vegas

February 17, 2018 in Life

Today marks one year since my move to Las Vegas. I can still remember when I first arrived in Las Vegas with all our belongings and I just couldn’t believe that this would be our home. For today’s post I wanted to write about my thoughts on my decision to move to Las Vegas and where I see myself in one year.

I originally planned a series about Las Vegas and why I moved here and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, I never got around to it. But I plan to post about it in the next few months. If not on here, maybe on my youtube channel. Make sure y’all are subscribed to me so you don’t miss a thing!

one year in Las Vegas

Nevada is such a beautiful place to live

I love living here! Let me just get that out of the way, Nevada is such a beautiful place to live. You have your mountains, your lakes and your snow. A little bit of everything. If you guys ever look through my Instagram photos, you will notice that I love taking photos in nature. I love outdoor photos, I feel that natural lighting is the best, I just feel more beautiful in that type of lighting. Whenever we get a chance to go shoot some photos, I tell my fiancé to head to the mountains or just a beautiful scenery area.

I have actually gotten questions asking which locations I take my photos at. I think for now I kind of want to keep it a secret, because I’m afraid that if I let you all know, those places will no longer be as peaceful and enjoyable for me. Maybe I’m being selfish, but I just want to hold on to the little things in life that make me happy.

Living in Vegas has shown me that there are many different things here than in California. A few of these things I have had to get used to. For example, if you’re at a turning lane and the arrow is yellow and flashing, then you can make a turn, you just have to yield. Small things like that at first were completely out of this world for me. But now your girl’s a pro!

One thing I absolutely love about living here is that there is no traffic. I know around Los Angeles area traffic can be crazy! Or where I lived, traffic at 4pm can leave you almost pulling your hair out. I’m one of those people that really, really hated traffic. That was one thing that I can definitely do without.

Living here, means no traffic

I love that restaurants stay open later and you can find chinese food or ribs pretty much all night long. Not that I would stay up crazy hours of the night. But you know, for those days you do stay up or have a night out, choices are necessary!

I feel like this past year of living here has been a huge year of transition and I was still getting used to. For example, the heat in the summer is no joke! I pretty much stayed inside with the A/C on at full blast and only went out if I was heading to the pool : )

One thing that I’m super stoked about is that during my time here within this past year, I was able to make one of my dreams come true! I became a 1st grade teacher! I wrote a blog post all about it, you guys should definitely check it out. I still can’t believe that in one year I was able to make my dream career happen… Hard work and dedication can make anything happen! Remember that!

Overall, I love living here. I do miss California and the ocean, but that’s what vacations are for! I can visit anytime, and actually go to the beach and put my feet in the water. When I lived there, it seemed I never found the time to go in the water. But boy do I miss those beach bonfires!

I miss California, but that’s what vacations are for

I will be back eventually, but for now, our life is here in Las Vegas. We plan to stay here for another year or two or even forever. I have always wanted to live in Washington, Arizona, Utah or the East Coast, but who know, maybe one day I will. But for now Las Vegas it is.

Have any of you moved to a different state? If so I would love to know more!

XO Rosey

New Career

February 17, 2018 in career

career in teaching first year teacher

Happy Saturday loves! I feel like it has been FOREVER since I’ve updated y’all on my life and what I have been up to. The last couple of months have been crazy for me, I’ve been on the go since right around Christmas time nonstop. I also decided to do Vlogmas last year and let me tell y’all it wasn’t easy. It’s a full-time job in itself.

For those of you who are subscribed to my channel or follow me on Instagram you already know bit and pieces of my HUGE life change. If you’re not already following me, what are you waiting for? Girl go follow and subscribe!

With that being said, this post will be all over the place, I may go back and forth with dates in order to fill you in on my life update. So grab your favorite snack and a cup of coffee and enjoy my story of how I got my dream career!

Early 2017

In early 2017 I was busy going to school and doing my field experience. It wasn’t all for nothing. I had an end goal in mind and that end goal was for me to pursue a career in education. I wanted to feel passionate about my job and actually feel that I contributed to my community.

Don’t get it twisted, I liked my previous jobs that I had post college; however, I knew that I wanted more…

career in teaching first year teacher

End of 2016

I sat down one day and closed my eyes to try and evaluate my career choice. I wanted to think about what career would really bring me joy and challenge me at the same time.

I thought back to the time I worked as a Behavioral Interventionist. I had a caseload of children at the time and had to go to either their school to meet them or their home, which I was never fully comfortable with. I do however remember that I enjoyed working with the kids on my caseload and that brought joy to me.

I also thought back to when I worked as a Home Visitor with Head Start. I remembered that I  enjoyed working with both parents and child to help build that interaction between them in order for the child to fully be ready for school. Again, as a Home Visitor, I had a case load where I would go to the child’s home and meet parent and child to discuss concerns and work on some bonding activities.

I like what I did, but leaving my office a few times a week to go meet with my families was not for me. Sure I was able to leave the office and enjoy the gorgeous weather outside and take walks on the beach with a few of my clients, but I preferred staying put in my office.

I was not feeling challenged, I wanted more responsibilities

In my previous jobs I was not feeling challenged, I wanted more responsibilities, which sounds crazy, but I did. The more responsibilities I had, the more involved I felt within my job.

As some of you may know, I began substitute teaching when I was in California, I loved creating my schedule and loved interacting with all different grade levels. Subbing gave me a flexible schedule where I could have time off to focus on things I liked, such as blogging.

I took this time to really evaluate where I was going in my life and what I wanted to do. Working as a substitute teacher made me play around with the idea of becoming a teacher. At first I thought that maybe a middle school or high school teacher would be my calling, it just seemed like it would be a good fit for me at the time.

So I made sure to book jobs in both those grade level areas to see what it was like. Oh boy, was I in over my head. The high schoolers had some attitude problems, and it didn’t help that I looked young, even though at the time I was barely in my late 20’s.

High School was out for me and so I gave middle school a try. I liked middle school, but what I realized was that I really liked the elementary age students. They were so cute and I could actually envision myself working with them as a teacher and not just a sub.

career in teaching first year teacher

Back to early 2017

Back to early 2017, I began subbing in Las Vegas and began looking at schools to get my license to teach. I began only booking jobs with elementary schools because that was the age group I really enjoyed working with.

I sat down again and decided that I needed to do something with my life and fast. I needed to make a decision if I truly wanted to be a teacher. I evaluated my career path and I knew that I couldn’t just sub for the rest of my life, I needed to start now!

I thought about when I was a little girl and I really wanted to be a teacher and whenever someone would ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I always said a teacher.

My mom is a teacher and I wanted to be just like her! Over the years however, I stopped saying that because I heard that teachers don’t get paid enough. So when it came to me choosing what I was going to study in college, I chose a profession that I knew would have high pay.

However, soon after college I realized that I was not where I thought I would be in my career. I would have to invest a good 4 years into college for me to do what I thought I wanted to do, which was be a psychologist. Having a Bachelor’s in Psychology helps a little, but it wasn’t enough.

I questioned whether I wanted to commit more time in college and if it was something I really wanted to do. Needless to say, I never really explored this avenue of becoming a psychologist again. I was happy working my jobs at the time, until I really began questioning my career path.

I didn’t care about the money, I just wanted to be happy

I realized that I didn’t care about the money anymore, I just wanted to be happy. I knew that I loved working with children and I was actually really good with them. I looked at all the pros of being a teacher.

There are SO many perks to being a teacher! You get winter and spring breaks off, summers off and amazing hours. You get amazing health benefits and a good pension. Not to mention it’s a truly rewarding job! You actually feel like you are helping a little human being in the best possible way you can to be the best they can in this community.

It was a no brainer and I knew that I definitely wanted to pursue a career in teaching! I signed up for school and did my student teaching with a 4th grade class who I truly miss already. Those kids were all amazing and so smart. I also loved all the guidance my cooperating teacher gave me, she really helped me with different teaching techniques to engage students and ways to manage your classroom.

career in teaching first year teacher

Early 2018

Fast forward to January 2018, I applied to a few open teacher positions in elementary schools. I was surprise when a principal called me and wanted to schedule an interview with me. I was incredibly nervous, but I knew that I was closer than ever in achieving my dream career.

Believe it or not I went in at 6:30am to my interview, it was still dark outside but yet the school was already in full force. I met with my principal and she asked me about how I manage a classroom and how I plan out my lesson plans.

And guys! Right then and there she offered me the job. She said that she liked my personality and thought I was a good fit for their school. I was shocked because I knew I wanted this MORE THAN ANYTHING!

Originally, I was told that I would be a 2nd grade teacher but later my principal told me that I would be in 1st grade instead. Which I don’t mind at all. Elementary is where I wanted to be and  I’m just happy to be living my dream! I finally have a salaried job, not hourly and I feel that I am going to make a difference in many children’s lives! I’m a first-grade teacher guys! One of my happiest moments in my life!

Future Plans

I plan on obtaining my Masters degree, I’m still not sure on what my focus will be, but I’ll makes sure to keep y’all all updated. I kind of want to be a principal one day, but first I really want to get in a comfortable place with my career, where I know the ins and outs of teaching.

Hope you all enjoyed my life update on how I took the steps to reach my dream career. I hope this only inspires YOU to go out there and reach for YOUR dream : )

XO Rosey

Curls that last ALL DAY

February 16, 2018 in Beauty

tresemme girl with curly hair

Like any girl I like to curl my hair every now and then when I get the time or have a special event. Since I have thick hair it’s essential that I use a good hairspray that can make my curls last all day. I was happy to see that one of my favorite hair brands, TRESemmé just launched a new hair collection, TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray. There are four different hairsprays in this collection that help meet your hair needs: extend, boost, smooth and texture.

tresemme girl with curly hairtresemme girl with curly hairtresemme girl with curly hair

As soon as I found out that Walmart carried this new collection I headed out the door to my nearest Walmart. I was able to grab all four hairsprays from the collection so that I could try them out.

tresemme girl with curly hair

This new hairspray collection by TRESemmé caught my attention because it’s lightweight coverage, long lasting and frizz resistant giving your hair the flexibility it needs while still maintaining it’s hold. I also loved that the hairspray bottles are smaller yet contain the same amount of hairspray as the 11 ounce cans. Perfect for me, since my vanity is already small and I have a hard time fitting all my hair and makeup products as it is.

My thoughts

I curled my hair as usual and lightly sprayed my hair with the TRESemmé Commpressed Extend Hairspray Hold Level 4, my hair all over because I wanted to make sure that my curls lasted. Throughout the day I noticed that my hair didn’t feel heavy or felt stiff to the touch. My hair actually felt soft and flexible when I ran my fingers through my curls.

tresemme girl with curly hair

I was out running errand all day and I was excited to see that my curls maintained their shape. My hair looked as amazing as it did when I left the house. I knew I would love this hairspray collection because TRESemmé always comes through for their customers.

Have any of you tried this new TRESemmé collection?

XO Rosey



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